Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Secret Socialist

So the Socialist agenda is slowly seeping it's way through prime time television. While this is nothing new, it is more obvious than ever. Admittedly the liberal agenda has indeed thrived through the media, just a tad more covertly. The "30 days" guy is one such example, The 30 Days on Minimum Wage, 30 Days with a Gun Nut, etc. These were just poorly disguised soap boxes used to sell liberalism. Then we have others throughout cable, like "Going Tribal." A show that promotes the "environmentalist" fascist agenda. They bound around the rain forests with no shoes screaming about the "rape of the land," and the "evil Westerners." Pretty much nothing new there either.

But the newest show I have seen takes sentiments right out of the Emperor's campaign slogans. Specifically, "Spread the wealth around," and "time to pitch in." The show is called The Secret Millionaire on Fox. Basically it is a show about a millionaire that goes under cover to live in a bad area of lower income. At the end he reveals what he truly is and then gives them money to help them. I will pause for the "awww's" and weeping. To the lay man this is just a sweet little program about how nice this millionaire is. To the skeptic and intelligent eye however, I see it for what it is.

In the intro to this show they actually say " A man that decides he needs to SPREAD THE WEALTH." As you watch this obscene display of conspicuous socialist advocacy it becomes unbearable. The man and his wife go to Watts, an extremely bad neighborhood in South Central L.A. While they do show how bad it is, they high light another aspect of the neighborhood I found interesting. They show citizens in the community talking about how "good the people are here." How they all try to "help each other." Then in obvious contrast they cut to the wife of the millionaire who complains about how that "isn't like her neighborhood." The theme? To show how cold the rich neighborhoods are, and how down to earth, civil, and warm Watts is. A reasonable comparison right?

The goal of this show is to promote the idea that the rich should apologize for their success. Not only to apologize, but to be self-loathing at the same time. The goal is to make those who are well off feel like bad people if they to do not either "spread their wealth," or PROMOTE THE THEORY of re-distribution. The point of the show is say that there are others out there that "deserve" the money more than you. And that the only way to facilitate this "economic justice" is to take from those who have and give to those who don't. We in economics and on planet Earth have a word for this theory, it is called Socialism. This is just yet another example of the enemy within infiltrating America. They are and have been slowly manipulating the public through these "cute" little shows. The sad part is, the public seems too stupid to figure out what is going on. Fox really took the "spread the wealth around," comments of the Furor to heart. Maybe soon they will come out with Who Wants to be a Communist?

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

The Teflon Elect

As many of you should already know, our new Furor (elect) seems to be carrying on the Chicago tradition. The tradition of corruption and political thuggery. This is now considered to be "accepted" by the mainstream Obamedia as simply "The Chicago Way." The more outrageous the facts get for the Furor the more they slip off him. In true Gotti fashion, and ironically in true Capone fashion, the Emperor can do no wrong. The true danger of the Teflon Elect is that no matter what happens, no matter what is proved, no matter what is said, he remains impervious and devine. Just look at the timeline and see how the facts didn't matter to the Obamedia or the "American" people.

First it was Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his "God Damn America," and "America's chickens have come home to roost," comments. Fact, Obama attended the church for twenty years. Fact, Obama contributed 24k/year to the church. Fact, this church preaches racism, anti-American rhetoric, and separatism. When asked if he (Obama) has ever witnessed such hate spouting over his twenty year tenure his response was "No." He claimed that he just used the church for his "political expediency." Even IF this was true, does it make it O.K. that he put aside any shred of decency to advance his career?

Then it was the connection between William Ayers and the Furor. Fact, Obama's political career was started in Ayers's living room. Fact, Ayers and Obama sat on the same community agitation boards in South Chicago for years. Fact, Ayers and Obama attend ceremonies in Venezuela to "honor" Hugo Chavez and applaud his radicalization of education. Fact, Obama supported a bill proposed by Ayers that promoted the radicalization of education here in the U.S. When asked about this connection Obama's response was; "He was just a guy in the neighborhood that I knew." Fact, Ayers was a leader of the domestic terrorist group "The Weather Underground," and bombed the Pentagon, Capital Building, and the NYC Police Dept. Fact, Ayers not only did not ever apologize for these actions but stated; "We didn't do enough." When asked how he (Obama) felt about these atrocities committed by this "guy he knew" he responded; "I was only eight years old at the time." Fact, he might have been eight when the bombings occurred, but he was well into his twenties and thirties while his career was launched from his living room and he worked with him on several boards.

Then there was the Tony Rezko situation. Fact, Obama considered Rezko a "friend and fundraiser." Fact, Obama was involved in a sweet heart deal with Rezko in which he purchased a piece of property for 300k below retail value. Fact, Obama and Rezko were involved in many other "shady" real estate deals throughout Chicago. Fact, Rezko was convicted of sixteen counts of corruption and bribery in 2008. When Obama was asked about these dealings with this scum bag his response was, "I worked on a real estate deal concerning the lot across the street, that's all." Fact, Obama lied point blank.

Now there is more scandal being exposed today with indictments on Illinois Governor Blagojevich. Fact, Blagojevich is on tape making deals in an attempt to auction off the empty Senate seat left by Obama. Fact, the central allegation is that the governor schemed to extort money and jobs for himself and his wife from the Obama transition team in exchange for naming Obama's preferred candidate (unnamed in the charges) to the open Senate seat. The complaint details Blagojevich's attempts to contact intermediaries to the transition, and in one case it shows him soliciting favors from a union official he identifies as an "emissary." When asked how he (Obama) felt about all of this he responded , "I had no idea what was going on." Fact, Obama was specifically mentioned on the FBI's wire taps as "that motherfucker." In the context that, Blagojevich would never just give away Obama's senate seat to whoever that "motherfucker" wanted just because he asked nicely. Meaning that he would not just give the seat away, but would most certainly sell it at the right price.

With all of these facts, and knowledge of Obama's character, does anyone seem to care? Does anyone even raise a single eye brow about these connections to criminals, domestic terrorists, and racists? Nope. It is my belief that people are so down right brainwashed that they ignore pretty much everything about our new Furor. The Obamazombies and the Obamedia refuse to report the news, and refuse to even attempt to contest the Emperor. Obama is truly the Teflon Elect, he can do no wrong and nobody cares if he does. As I have said before, the facts do not matter to the left, it is all about the agenda. The agenda that is moving forward at an incredible rate while nothing seems to stand in its way. I truly believe that as Obama takes hold as the almighty Messiah and people fall deeper into their Obacoma the country will fall. Let's hope I am wrong, but I doubt I am.

I'm Drew D. and that's the amazingling shocking truth.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Tax Holidays?

When I first heard Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) explain his simple yet genius alternative to the bailouts I knew that it was far too smart to ever become a reality. However, he does pose a good point, politicians rely on their constituents. I defy you to find a person (a tax paying person) with even the slightest knowledge of basic economics that would reject this idea. If people really got behind this idea, and let their representatives know, Washington would listen. Even if begrudgingly, even if they themselves didn't fully back it, re-election is their life blood.

Sadly I feel that this plan will never get off the ground. Washington invariably chooses to avoid any idea with a hint of logic or common sense. Just how logical is Gohmert's plan? In my opinion it boils down to a few simple questions. Who do you trust more with your tax dollars? The career bureaucrats in Washington, or yourself? Do you feel that Washington has exemplified fiscal responsibility over the past decade? Do you feel that the answers to our economic woes can be found in the halls of Congress? Or do you have more faith in the responsibility of the tax payers? We the people are the ones that can get this economy back on track. Giving more hand outs to failing companies and to banks that just hoard the cash doesn't seem like the best idea to me. I trust the American people far more than I trust this give away orgy that is being orchestrated by "King" Paulson. He is absolutely right when he says "let the American people decide who gets bailed out." If they choose to buy an American car with their newly freed funds, then so be it. As consumer confidence builds and spending increases economic troubles will ease. This is far cheaper than the proposed Paulson plan, not to mention a thousand times more logical. Not only is Gohmert's plan more logical than Paulson's but it is more plausible that it would be effective. Throwing money at these problems while increasing the size of an already inept government is definitely not the solution.

I trust the American tax payer to be far more responsible with the funds that are being given away. I trust that the American tax payer can stimulate the economy better than the bureaucrats can. I believe in the power of the American tax payer, and I believe in the powers of free market Capitalism. I know that if the money is put in the hands of we citizens it will produce far better results than any corporate bailout ever could.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.