Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gestapo Training

Have you all heard the news yet? To all of those "activists" roaming around college campuses stinking of bong water and patchouli who still have a man crush on our Emperor Obama, I would suggest you start paying attention to what is going on. For a group of people that absolutely despise the idea of a draft, or any sort of government mandated defense service, you sure picked a winner for President. It is called the Civil Defense Act

This whole thing sounds incredibly gestapo-Esq to me. Just pin the letters "OA" (Obama's Army) instead of "SS" on their uniforms and there you go. So we are to create a "civil" military that is "as well funded" and "as well trained" as the real military? I am normally not one for conspiracy theories but my mind has been running rampant with them lately. If you have studied Nazi Germany at all you can see the petrifying similarities between now and then. Fascism makes up the roots of liberalism, and Obama is the head of this snake. His followers march behind him lock step as if he is a super natural deity. These people literally worship the ground he walks on which will have dangerous results. Media control, and systematic brainwashing of the youth as seen here, are also scary signs. Emotion is what drives these followers, reason has been cast aside. That kind of blind faith of any leader has historically had disastrous consequences. Obama has been labeled as "extremely charismatic," and an "extraordinary speaker", so was Hitler. He has also been tagged as "highly manipulative," and "creepy." This is not me taking editorial license, these are the words of Democrats like these.

So now we have this "charismatic," "manipulative," leader who's followers march blindly in his wake driven by raw emotion. It is becoming trendy to hate the oppostion, to hate conservative ideas, hate being the key word. We have an impending censorship doctrine about to take effect that will drown out every last voice of opposition. The youth are being systematically brainwashed through our schools and "educators." We are about to have mandated "civil defense" camps used to defend the office of the President if by some chance the rest of the country starts to disagree. It fits perfectly into his grand plan. Disarm the average person in his home by eliminating the second amendment. Next, implement an armed force that will be required to fight for his cause. Leaving any remaining dissenters without any option of recourse. Is this situation starting to sound at all similar to any situation you have seen in the past? Germany, China, the Soviet Union perhaps? Just a thought.
Apparently I am not the only one who believes that there is good reason to be frightened about the appointment of our new Furor.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Can I Get Bailed Out Too?

Is this the beginning of the end for the American economy and capitalism as we know it? Is it the end of true conservatism in America as we know it? Of coarse I have to think this isn't the case, but a part of me isn't so sure. We are grooming a generation of people to believe that the government should baby sit them from cradle to grave. Entitlements have taken over the American spirit and the American work ethic. Suddenly everything has become a right. When I say everything I really mean everything. It is now considered a right to own a home, a right to get a college education, a right to money that others made. This entitlement get everything for nothing mentality is only the tip of the economic ice burg.
Bailouts, am I the only one that just had a huge question mark in their head when they first heard about this policy? Bailouts? What the hell is a bailout? You live or you die in a free market economy, either way if left alone it equals prosperity. The problem is we are slowly polluting and deconstructing the free market. It first started with the housing giants Fannie and Freddy because "we had to do it." We "had" to do it because the blame was placed squarely on their shoulders. While they surely are to blame for the majority of this quandary, nobody ever thought to blame the people. Those who applied for and accepted loans knowing full well they could never pay them back.
The bailouts of AIG, Freddy and Fannie have truly opened Pandora's box. Soon after this nauseating "rescue" package was constructed everybody came running with their hand out. Every state and many cities in the union began to demand "their share" of the funds. Now this free for all bailout orgy has expanded to the auto industry. We are being told once again that we "have to" bail out these failed auto companies. Let me just stick my neck out here and say HELL NO! Where does it end, if we bail out every single institution and company that faces extinction, where do we draw the line? Fiscal responsibility is something I feel we have completely abandoned as a virtue throughout America and more importantly the government.
We can not afford this people, we truly can not. Some one, some where is going to have to pay this bill and it simply can't be done. So every time a company runs themselves into the ground through poor management and corruption we have to rescue them? This is a slippery slope that we are presented with. Once people see that being "bailed out" has become a viable option the begging will never end.
Why do think that the major proponents of this "bailout" policy are members of the loony left i.e. Palosi, Reed, etc? They advocate this for the reason that many seem to ignore. The convenient little bi-product of these government bail outs is the transfer of ownership. Once these companies accept this charity they virtually sell their souls (ownership.) For those of you who don't know, this is called socialism, the favored system of the left. The biggest condition of these bail outs is the fact that once they go through they have to do exactly what the government wants. This entire policy is so ludicrous I almost don't have words for it. So let's take institutions and companies that have been run into the ground because of the government and give them complete OWNERSHIP of them, this sounds like a good plan. These pseudo-governmental firms like Fannie and Freddy were destroyed because of left wing corruption, so now the government controls them absolutely. The auto companies are failing because of insane trade regulations and "environmentalist" bullying so now we are about to hand the reigns over to the government. This is the equivalent of making the worst employee in your business the boss of it all. Say you owned a restaurant and you had a bus boy that was absolutely awful. He slowed down the service, left the tables dirty, and was stealing from you to boot. So instead of firing him when you come across financial difficulty you decide to step down as owner and hand it all over to the bus boy to help you out of the hole.
This welfare nation that we have created is a beast that's hunger can never be satisfied. Socialism has been sold to people hook line and sinker, and it will be the end of us. Financial responsibility has been tossed out the window by everyone across the board. From the individual citizen that has to buy his own house and pay his own way through school, to the corporations that have destroyed themselves. With this abandonment of responsibility through this adoption of entitlement the American spirit is dying. Democracy will come to an end once people start to exploit the benefits sucked from the public treasury. This welfare mentality will have a snow ball effect as it did in France. People will continue to vote for the person that guarantees them more and more benefits from said treasury. As this person will more than likely be a Democrat the progression to a France like socialist nation will be inevitable.
My biggest fear is that conservatives in Washington today believe that this is the wave of the future. They will start to pander to the people by offering the very same liberal policies that we have fought so hard against. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing all of these "conservatives," crying about the election saying that we lost because we aren't liberal enough. Saying that we need to become MORE liberal in order to get elected. Are you nuts? You really believe this while you sit there and call yourself conservative? This is NOT a center-left country, it is most certainly center-right, and if you don't agree with that then please go sign your name to the Dem list. As we distinguish ourselves from the socialist left over the next four years we must go back to our conservative roots. We must re-establish our values of financial responsibility and find our own super stars that will bring the TRUE conservative message to the masses. Once people see what they really voted for and start to experience it's implications they will realize that capitalism, free markets, and essentially the conservative movement is the only answer for a prosperous country.
Let us please remember that it was "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Not , "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you."
Let us also remember that once you give the government the power to give you everything, you give it the power to take everything away.
I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


All hail, All hail, bow to the Emperor lest you be punished. Get ready America, the Messiah has taken his throne and his minions are in place. As I said before the election, people are too stupid to realize what they just voted for. In some sick way I am happy and look forward to the years to come. America wanted Socialism, so let them experience Socialism. They wanted a friend of the enemy in the White House, so let them see the result. Unfortunately Americans' often need to learn the hard way that they made a mistake. Let's just hope that the damage done can in some way be reversed.

Why did America choose to blindly follow this man and his party off the cliff? How could America be so ignorant you might ask? It was a simple decision made by simple people. In the minds of the voters the decision panned out like this; Times are bad, Republicans in Congress, Republican President, they are to blame, time to switch teams, they will produce the "change." As ill-conceived this logic may be, despite how down right dangerous it is, it is how they think. Well, you will absolutely get the "change" America, no doubt about it.

Who's to blame for this horrible turn of events you might ask? That's easy, it is the fault of the Republicans and a horrible Republican candidate. If there is one good thing that has come out of this tragedy that is Obama it is the fact that Republicans are forced to re-group. This is the wake up call to all those pathetic excuses for conservatives in Washington. If Republicans actually ACTED like Republicans during the last eight years we might have stood a chance. We spent like liberals and dragged our feet like liberals, so how can we expect Americans' to distinguish us from the left? It is time for the Washington right to go back to their roots of conservatism. It is time to show the stark contrast between capitalists and socialists. It is a shame that we had to be backed into a corner to realize just how far we have strayed from our principles. It is even more sad that we will HAVE to fight socialism as it will be forced upon us every day for the next four years. Thank god it isn't a filibuster proof congress, so we might be able to get in their way enough to slow them down.

If we make it to the next election, I am optimistic. America will see exactly what the Democrats are, and more importantly what Obama is. He will not be able to win re-election using the same moronic strategies and catch phrases he did this time. No more "change" signs will be waving, no "yes we can" crap. He won't be a change and everyone will have already seen what "they can" do. The Bush card has been played to extinction, so there goes a golden key for the Democrats. They can't blame every last thing on the Republicans because there aren't any. All the blame rests on their shoulders. America will finally come down off their Obama high and realize that the miracles they were promised weren't delivered. During the next four years it is the Republicans opportunity to show the country just what conservatism is and is not.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote Obama........Or Else

O.K. folks, let me lay it out for all of you who are just overwhelmed with this election mumbo jumbo. What we are being told by the left and the rest of the Communist wing of America is that if we don't bow down and let Obama waltz into the White House that there will be hell to pay. In other words, it's an attempt to extort the nation. No greater example of liberal thuggery if there ever was one.
The point is, if you DON'T stand down America, and you get in the chosen one's way, it will be your ass. Just shut up and take it, we know what's best for you, is the message from the left. How dare you challenge the Messiah Joe the Plumber? How dare ANYONE challenge the great one? Coming from a group of people that insist on calling the right a bunch of fascists, this seems to be a tad hypocritical. In fact, this entire Communist campaign for Obama defines fascism. Dominating the media, destroying decenters, and coercing the public, yeah, sounds pretty synonymous with the "F" word to me. Hitler came to power the exact same way Obama will. In fact Hitler, Obama, and the entire leftist party are quite similar. All represent the Socialist party, all promote ideological fascism, and both came to power through media domination and propaganda machines. Crazy statement? Too bad, I haven't been silenced, YET. I say yet, because the fascism of Obama is soon to come. Just wait until the "Fairness Doctrine" gets through. In which talk radio is silenced, Fox News is shut down, and every avenue of descent is successfully squashed. We can't have people speaking out against the Emperor now can we?
The biggest hypocrisy of this entire campaign is based on something you all might have been hearing a lot about lately, race. Using the "racist" tactic is a very old trick of the left. They use this in defence of virtually every issue that has legitimate opposition. Opposing anything from immigration policy to affirmative action will automatically brand you as a racist. However, not supporting Obama is the most popular reason for them to give you this label. If you question the fact that this guy is the most dangerous, inexperienced, Communist wacko ever, your just a racist. Let me tell you who is racist, black people. Before you all flip out hear me out. 96% of all blacks are voting for Obama, I'm sure their love for his policies are their only motivation. Do you think if 96% of white people were voting for McCain that they all wouldn't be labeled redneck racists? Do you think that if all whites threatened to riot if McCain didn't get elected there wouldn't be public outrage? My assertion that blacks are far more racist than whites is not justified by simply this fact. I constantly hear black people refer to whites as "that white girl," or, "that white dude." So your saying if I walk around saying "black girl" this and "black guy" that, that nobody would say anything? If I gave a white man a job over a black man even though the black man was far more qualified I would be racist. But if I give the far less qualified black man a job over the white man, I'm a tolerant, open-minded liberal. You can't find me one black comedian that can do a set without at least one white joke. All too many base their entire show on a black/white comparison. So if a white comedian was up there making fun of black people nobody would say anything? I hear more hateful remarks about white people than I do anything else, but that's considered "humorous." Racism is wrong no matter what color the person is who espouses it. Obama is the biggest supporter of playing the race card. He can't go one second without "reminding" us that he is black. This coming from a man who is the most racist of all. "White mans greed runs a world in need," I believe the quote is. His wife is an overtly racist separatist as well, if you read her college thesis you will understand.
So make sure you Vote Obama, because if you don't blacks will riot. Just obey, and accept the change that we all need so badly.
I'm Drew D. and that's the truth, and I guess I can now be called racist.