Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Would be Funny, If It Wasn't so Tragic

So today marked the day where America has handed over its will to the Marxist regime. The day in which America has decided to abandon every virtue it was founded on. The day in which America has surrendered to the Socialist revolution. Yet, all the while I am being lectured to just "give him a chance." Excuse me while I vomit.

This shit I see today and have seen during the election started out as laughable but has transformed into a tragic comedy. This is the beginning of the end my friends, and it is petrifying. I know I know, stop with the drama you might say. "Your over reacting," you all say. Well I respond to these statements of ignorance by saying at least I HAVE a reaction. Just because I am not blinded by the angelic light exuded by the Messiah. Just because I do not follow lock step behind the great one as I chant his name like a zombie. So because I have a functioning brain and have not been effectively brainwashed, I am an over reacting wacko.

What really gets me about this whole thing is how the left is preaching "unity" now. How we "MUST" support the new Emperor. How we need to put "partisanship aside." How it is our "duty as Americans" to get behind our new Communist and Chief. I speak for the 50 million other real Americans who still have a functioning thought process when I say GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! You have got to be kidding me. "Unity?" "Support?" You mean we should unite and support our new president like the Democrats did eight years ago? You mean we should "give him a chance," like the left did over the last eight years? Oh that's right, those things only apply when a licensed socialist takes the helm, I see. Time to put the "partisanship aside?" You mean like the left did as they attacked Bush every minute over the last eight years up until today at the inauguration? You mean put the partisanship aside like Palosi is as she rants about how she is going to bring the administration up on "war crimes"?

Since Michelle Obama seems to think that this country is "down right mean." Since she has such a low opinion of this country and has not been "proud to be an American until today." I wonder if she complained about all the idiots at the inauguration chanting derogatory things at Bush. Wouldn't you consider that a tad "mean" Michelle? Oh, that's right, that only applies to the right side of the aisle. My biggest question to everyone preaching "give him a chance," and "be happy for him" is WHY? Why should I be happy that we are embarking on a socialist revolution? Why should I be happy about a socialized economy? Why should I be happy about universal health care? Why should I be happy about a welfare tax plan? Why should I be happy about a weakened military, and a weakened stance on terror? Why should I be happy about a man that has the support of domestic and global terrorists? Why should I be happy about a man who advocates ideological fascism? Why should I be happy about a man who has the support of a racist, anti-American preacher? Why should I be happy about a man who intends on abandoning Israel as our long time allies? Why should I be happy about my country betraying the virtues and values of the founding fathers? Oh, that's right because he's black. So I guess blacks would turn out in brainwashed droves for Alan Keyes or Condaleeza Rice if they became president? Please. I know of people that relate to Hussein as a "celebrity" like figure. People have said they actually CRIED while watching the almighty one. I'm sorry, but I thought a president was supposed to be a president, not a rock star. This is by far the most nauseating thing of it all. Watching these blind idiots, chanting his name like Castro and Guevara, "crying" as they bathe in his angelic rays and godly words. Following him lock step, emotionally attached and intellectually impotent as he marches us off the cliff. When that happens, just remember that half of us did not vote for the "change" that is coming.

Yeah, I am thrilled, god bless the new President.

I'm Drew D. and that's the horrifying, tragic truth.


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