Monday, October 13, 2008

The Employee Coercion Act

The cleverly named "Employee Free Choice Act" will be one of the great "changes" to the workforce that the Messiah will implement once he has taken his thrown. This beautiful little bill not only strips an employees rights, but it makes them a target. The primary goal of this act is to convert the secret-ballot method of voting for and organizing unions to a public "card check" method. This method would mean doing away with the anonymity of union voting and replacing it with signed cards that are publicly viewed. Please read the act carefully as it is well outlined in the Heritage Foundation article.This part is key:

To protect American workers, Congress should:

Protect workers' privacy during organizing drives and guarantee every worker the right to vote in a private-ballot election;

Ensure that workers hear from both sides dur­ing an organizing drive and have time to reflect on their choice so they can make an informed and considered decision; and

Protect the right of workers and employers to bargain collectively without having government officials unilaterally impose employment con­tracts on them.

The Employee Free Choice Act would strip workers of their fundamental rights and leave them more vulnerable to pressure than before.

This is absolutely correct and should be highlighted. Ask yourself; Why would unions be so adamant about making the votes of employees public? For a variety of reasons, one, it allows them to target those who have voted against it, and two, hinders employees from voting their true opinion. It is a fact that without privacy and outside influence a person will often vote ingenuously. And why not, with severe intimidation and threats resulting from a "no" vote on unions you might do the same. Union thuggery is no secret to anyone with half a brain (liberals excluded of coarse). With these public ballots they can target a dissenter within the employee ranks and proceed with the coercion, or, "persuasion." They will harass, intimidate, even go to the persons home in order to help them "see the light."

This is just one of the initial steps in implementing the Emperors second coming of the Workers Revolution. There will be more sure to come, so stay tuned for more exciting developments in the Messiah's war on capitalism!

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

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