Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why We Will Lose The Election and the Country

The old saying, "Nice Guys Finish Last," will embody the 2008 election. John Mccain being the "nice guy," has chosen to take the higher ground in an attempt to show us all that you can in fact become President being a stand up guy. While I fully respect his desire to bring honor and dignity to American politics I feel that the Chicago thug politics of Obama will unfortunately win out. Obama has zero dignity and zero honor, nothing is beneath this man or the Democratic party. Lying cheating and stealing are just the means that justify their ends.
The only way Democrats can ever win anything is by either cheating, lying or a combination of both. They know they can't run on facts because the truth contradicts everything they stand for. Obama does not stray from these practices. ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is a "non-partisan" organization that promotes community agitation across the country. Did I say "non-partisan"? What I mean by non-partisan is that they are left wing wackos. That being said it came as no surprise to me that they are being accused of voter fraud in just about every swing state. I really admire their zeal, not caring whether or not someone is alive or dead or whether they exist at all in order to get registrations, that's true dedication to their job. It doesn't stop there, fraud fuels the Democrat machine. There is malpractice everywhere from ACORN's bogus voter registrations to Obama's "questionable" accounting practices.
These are just a few of the fraudulent cases that we know about. Just imagine how widespread this criminal empire that is the liberal machine actually is. If Mccain wants to win he is going to have to start defending himself. He is going to have to stop with all this "bi-partisan BS" and understand that Obama is the OPPONENT. When Obama rings off lie after lie after lie Mccain needs to be there to expose it, but he isn't. There were distinct bold faced lies littered throughout the first debate and Mccain passed on the meatballs. When Obama said "Nobody is saying the war is lost." Mccain should have said "BS! You DID!" When Obama said he is FOR drilling" Mccain should have said "BS! You AREN'T!" Instead Mccain stood there, and spoke about ear marks, trying to take that "high road" I suppose. I'm sorry but that won't work here Mr. Senator, I really wish it would, but it won't.
The main reason we will lose in November is because the American people seem to want this "change" Lord Obama preaches about. Apparently they are so dim witted to think that Bush is solely responsible for this current economic crisis. They seem to embrace this Socialist revolution that we face. They like the idea of universal mediocrity and misery. Perhaps are country needs to fall into a depression, perhaps we need to get attacked again. Maybe then they will see what these policies gain us. The sad part is I doubt they would admit it even then. Since Obama is infallible no matter what happens in his administration the blame will some how fall back on Bush or the Republicans. The sickness that is liberalism is spreading, People are too blind to see they are being infected with it everyday whether they like it or not. At a time I had more faith in my country, and in my people. For a time I had faith that capitalism was safe and would always win out. The tragic truth is that my country is dying, capitalism is dying, and the citizens are to blame for it all.
I'm Drew D. and that is the sad, scary, tragic, and infuriating truth.


Joe Ramen said...

Hi Drew.

It seems you have started to figure out why I distanced myself from the GOP and lost faith in them as the voice of conservatism a long, long time ago. They are their own worst enemy because they have no balls. They try to maintain the "high road" and play fair with the leftist barbarians, and that strategy just won't work. I really feel that both parties are just two sides of the same coin and they are playing a three card monty on all of us, giving the illusion that there is a difference.

That is why I am a registered independent and consider myself a conservative libertarian.

While I vote GOP only because I see them as the lesser of two evils, I do not get involved in that "Republican good, Democrat bad" nonsense.

Blind party loyalty is the last refuge of non-thinking wankers.

Drew D. said...

Unfortunately you appear to be right Joe. If I hear the word "bi-partisan" out of Mccain's mouth again I'm gonna puke. We can "reason" with liberals about as much as we can reason with terrorists. To me they are one in the same. I too consider myself a conservative libertarian. I just go with GOP because at ONE TIME it was the last bastion of capitalism and conservatism. Now I really don't know where to turn, even though I really like Palin. She has alot of my values at heart, and is very pro-market (as is Mccain.) But one day I wish for a Nationalist party, a party that you and I could proudly call our own. A party that defends the Constitution not perverts it. A party that embraces capitalism without apologizing for it later. Take care.