Friday, October 3, 2008

The Woman That Can Do No Right

After last nights debate it was quite obvious that Sarah Palin is more than qualified to be the VP of the United States. In fact, she is more qualified than the great Obama to be President. However, the ObamaMania media didn't quite see it that way, what a shocker. They accused her of doing everything from making a "prepared speech," to not "having enough facts." I'm sorry, I suppose we were watching different debates. The debate I saw showed me a confident, well informed, and quite humorous Palin. If anyone sounded like they were giving prepared mini-speeches it was clearly (Say it ain't so) Joe Biden. Palin got the better of Joe Biden on more than one occasion, I know it, and Biden knows it.

The standards for the ObamaMania media in terms of determining Biden's "victory" have become lower and lower. They had to be low in order to blind themselves to Palin's performance. With all their heart they prayed for Palin's destruction at the podium. They hoped to see the "bumpkin" Palin make a fool of her self as she clung to her guns and religion. When Palin went on to be nothing short of impressive it infuriated and boggled the leftist Nazi's. You could visibly see the likes of Chris Mathews and others scramble for any negative comment they could pin to Palin. Their plan of attack? To say Biden won because he had a "harder job" to do than Palin did. According to these slow witted libs they thought that Biden had to prove he was qualified to be President, and all Palin had to do was "show a pulse." Umm, last I checked it was the Obamedia that said Palin wasn't a good VP pick because she would LIKELY have to be President one day. Not only that, Palin had to do much more than "show a pulse." She had the ridiculous task of cancelling out the horrendous characterizations of her in the past weeks. A task which she took on and made easy work of.

In other words the litmus test for determining the winner of the past two debates is as follows: In debate #1 it was deemed a "tie", therefore Obama wins. In debate #2 Palin won, so it was deemed another "tie," so guess who wins, Biden. Anyone see a theme here? It seems that no matter what anyone on the Mccain/Palin ticket does it's a lost cause. Sarah Palin could cure cancer, achieve world peace, pave the roads with gold and still be crucified by the left for being a hunter.

The Meatballs that Mccain/Palin watched Float over the Plate:

While Mccain's first performance was satisfactory and Palin's quite impressed me I have my complaints. Mccain passed up a serious opportunity to illustrate to the American people the connection between the Democrats and the financial crisis. He also passed up the chance to call out Obama on any of the thousand lies that were said. Like making a reference to Harry Reid's "The war is lost, the surge has failed" comment when Obama claimed "Nobody is saying the war is lost." Or by calling Obama on the fact that he has NEVER advocated oil drilling like he said he does in the debate.

However Palin missed the biggest opportunity of all. Biden had the audacity to claim that Bush's policies have been an unmitigated failure. That we are far worse off after eight years of his "dangerous" world view. BS! Palin should have proclaimed (maybe not in those words) but along those lines. A FAILURE MR. Biden? Really? Preventing one SINGLE attack since 2001 from happening when it was almost inevitable is not what I would call a failure. Those "failed polices" are what kept your miserable ass safe for the last seven years Mr. Biden.

She also should have addressed the Socialist attacks on Capitalism by Obama/Biden. When Obama/Biden said "the fundamentals of our economy are NOT sound." that they are "what got us in this mess." Mccain or Palin should have again cried BS! "Fundamentals not sound?" Really Mr. Messiah? Really Mr. Biden? The market was up and running 48 hrs after 9/11, when the economy should have and WOULD have tanked in any other country ours was resilient. And WHY was it resilient? Because the FUNDAMENTALS ARE SOUND YOU LIBERAL PEE BRAINS!

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

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