Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go Bill Go !!

I have not been the biggest Bill O'Reilly fan in the past but he has gotten back into my good graces. I respect Bill O'Reilly, he is a good radio host and an excellent writer. However, I have gotten a little tired of his "centrist," "play both sides" method of presenting the news. At times he struck me as just too moderate for my liking. But today on The Factor he was a credit to the sentiments of not only conservatives but all Americans.

Finally somewhat let that schmuck Frank have it. Finally someone called him on his key role in this disaster, and it being on national TV was just icing on the cake. I love it when O'Reilly takes off that "moderate" mask and gets mad like the rest of us. That little weasel Frank tried and tried to pin this on everyone else under the sun and evade ANY sort of responsibility and Bill called him on it. Frank's response was of typical liberal fashion. Blame the Republicans, blame Bush, blame ANYONE but themselves. There is nothing more obvious than Frank's guilt in this situation but will we hear that on MSLSD? I think not, instead you'll hear about the big bad Republicans causing it all. Despite the fact that this makes zero sense and has zero truth to it, Americans seem to eat it up. All I can say right now is Way to Go Bill !

I'm Drew. D. and that's the truth.

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