Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gestapo Training

Have you all heard the news yet? To all of those "activists" roaming around college campuses stinking of bong water and patchouli who still have a man crush on our Emperor Obama, I would suggest you start paying attention to what is going on. For a group of people that absolutely despise the idea of a draft, or any sort of government mandated defense service, you sure picked a winner for President. It is called the Civil Defense Act

This whole thing sounds incredibly gestapo-Esq to me. Just pin the letters "OA" (Obama's Army) instead of "SS" on their uniforms and there you go. So we are to create a "civil" military that is "as well funded" and "as well trained" as the real military? I am normally not one for conspiracy theories but my mind has been running rampant with them lately. If you have studied Nazi Germany at all you can see the petrifying similarities between now and then. Fascism makes up the roots of liberalism, and Obama is the head of this snake. His followers march behind him lock step as if he is a super natural deity. These people literally worship the ground he walks on which will have dangerous results. Media control, and systematic brainwashing of the youth as seen here, are also scary signs. Emotion is what drives these followers, reason has been cast aside. That kind of blind faith of any leader has historically had disastrous consequences. Obama has been labeled as "extremely charismatic," and an "extraordinary speaker", so was Hitler. He has also been tagged as "highly manipulative," and "creepy." This is not me taking editorial license, these are the words of Democrats like these.

So now we have this "charismatic," "manipulative," leader who's followers march blindly in his wake driven by raw emotion. It is becoming trendy to hate the oppostion, to hate conservative ideas, hate being the key word. We have an impending censorship doctrine about to take effect that will drown out every last voice of opposition. The youth are being systematically brainwashed through our schools and "educators." We are about to have mandated "civil defense" camps used to defend the office of the President if by some chance the rest of the country starts to disagree. It fits perfectly into his grand plan. Disarm the average person in his home by eliminating the second amendment. Next, implement an armed force that will be required to fight for his cause. Leaving any remaining dissenters without any option of recourse. Is this situation starting to sound at all similar to any situation you have seen in the past? Germany, China, the Soviet Union perhaps? Just a thought.
Apparently I am not the only one who believes that there is good reason to be frightened about the appointment of our new Furor.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


ash said...

I commented on this and its gone for some reason.

Anyway, I am a liberal and an Obama supporter and wasn't aware of all this. I'm really glad you pointed it out b/c it really opened my eyes. Great Blog! =]

Ben said...

This is creepy man, I can't believe all this crap going down.

Lightfinger said...

Hate to promote my own blog, but head to for my breakdown comparison between Obama and Benito Mussolini.

Drew D. said...

I have no problem with someone promoting a blog that re-enforces the truth Lightfinger, promote away.