Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote Obama........Or Else

O.K. folks, let me lay it out for all of you who are just overwhelmed with this election mumbo jumbo. What we are being told by the left and the rest of the Communist wing of America is that if we don't bow down and let Obama waltz into the White House that there will be hell to pay. In other words, it's an attempt to extort the nation. No greater example of liberal thuggery if there ever was one.
The point is, if you DON'T stand down America, and you get in the chosen one's way, it will be your ass. Just shut up and take it, we know what's best for you, is the message from the left. How dare you challenge the Messiah Joe the Plumber? How dare ANYONE challenge the great one? Coming from a group of people that insist on calling the right a bunch of fascists, this seems to be a tad hypocritical. In fact, this entire Communist campaign for Obama defines fascism. Dominating the media, destroying decenters, and coercing the public, yeah, sounds pretty synonymous with the "F" word to me. Hitler came to power the exact same way Obama will. In fact Hitler, Obama, and the entire leftist party are quite similar. All represent the Socialist party, all promote ideological fascism, and both came to power through media domination and propaganda machines. Crazy statement? Too bad, I haven't been silenced, YET. I say yet, because the fascism of Obama is soon to come. Just wait until the "Fairness Doctrine" gets through. In which talk radio is silenced, Fox News is shut down, and every avenue of descent is successfully squashed. We can't have people speaking out against the Emperor now can we?
The biggest hypocrisy of this entire campaign is based on something you all might have been hearing a lot about lately, race. Using the "racist" tactic is a very old trick of the left. They use this in defence of virtually every issue that has legitimate opposition. Opposing anything from immigration policy to affirmative action will automatically brand you as a racist. However, not supporting Obama is the most popular reason for them to give you this label. If you question the fact that this guy is the most dangerous, inexperienced, Communist wacko ever, your just a racist. Let me tell you who is racist, black people. Before you all flip out hear me out. 96% of all blacks are voting for Obama, I'm sure their love for his policies are their only motivation. Do you think if 96% of white people were voting for McCain that they all wouldn't be labeled redneck racists? Do you think that if all whites threatened to riot if McCain didn't get elected there wouldn't be public outrage? My assertion that blacks are far more racist than whites is not justified by simply this fact. I constantly hear black people refer to whites as "that white girl," or, "that white dude." So your saying if I walk around saying "black girl" this and "black guy" that, that nobody would say anything? If I gave a white man a job over a black man even though the black man was far more qualified I would be racist. But if I give the far less qualified black man a job over the white man, I'm a tolerant, open-minded liberal. You can't find me one black comedian that can do a set without at least one white joke. All too many base their entire show on a black/white comparison. So if a white comedian was up there making fun of black people nobody would say anything? I hear more hateful remarks about white people than I do anything else, but that's considered "humorous." Racism is wrong no matter what color the person is who espouses it. Obama is the biggest supporter of playing the race card. He can't go one second without "reminding" us that he is black. This coming from a man who is the most racist of all. "White mans greed runs a world in need," I believe the quote is. His wife is an overtly racist separatist as well, if you read her college thesis you will understand.
So make sure you Vote Obama, because if you don't blacks will riot. Just obey, and accept the change that we all need so badly.
I'm Drew D. and that's the truth, and I guess I can now be called racist.


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When will the real McCain finally stand up to Obama?