Thursday, November 6, 2008


All hail, All hail, bow to the Emperor lest you be punished. Get ready America, the Messiah has taken his throne and his minions are in place. As I said before the election, people are too stupid to realize what they just voted for. In some sick way I am happy and look forward to the years to come. America wanted Socialism, so let them experience Socialism. They wanted a friend of the enemy in the White House, so let them see the result. Unfortunately Americans' often need to learn the hard way that they made a mistake. Let's just hope that the damage done can in some way be reversed.

Why did America choose to blindly follow this man and his party off the cliff? How could America be so ignorant you might ask? It was a simple decision made by simple people. In the minds of the voters the decision panned out like this; Times are bad, Republicans in Congress, Republican President, they are to blame, time to switch teams, they will produce the "change." As ill-conceived this logic may be, despite how down right dangerous it is, it is how they think. Well, you will absolutely get the "change" America, no doubt about it.

Who's to blame for this horrible turn of events you might ask? That's easy, it is the fault of the Republicans and a horrible Republican candidate. If there is one good thing that has come out of this tragedy that is Obama it is the fact that Republicans are forced to re-group. This is the wake up call to all those pathetic excuses for conservatives in Washington. If Republicans actually ACTED like Republicans during the last eight years we might have stood a chance. We spent like liberals and dragged our feet like liberals, so how can we expect Americans' to distinguish us from the left? It is time for the Washington right to go back to their roots of conservatism. It is time to show the stark contrast between capitalists and socialists. It is a shame that we had to be backed into a corner to realize just how far we have strayed from our principles. It is even more sad that we will HAVE to fight socialism as it will be forced upon us every day for the next four years. Thank god it isn't a filibuster proof congress, so we might be able to get in their way enough to slow them down.

If we make it to the next election, I am optimistic. America will see exactly what the Democrats are, and more importantly what Obama is. He will not be able to win re-election using the same moronic strategies and catch phrases he did this time. No more "change" signs will be waving, no "yes we can" crap. He won't be a change and everyone will have already seen what "they can" do. The Bush card has been played to extinction, so there goes a golden key for the Democrats. They can't blame every last thing on the Republicans because there aren't any. All the blame rests on their shoulders. America will finally come down off their Obama high and realize that the miracles they were promised weren't delivered. During the next four years it is the Republicans opportunity to show the country just what conservatism is and is not.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


Joe Ramen said...

Good article, Drew.

I am laying low here for a few days, just taking it all in. Let's just see what happens. We're going to see even more conspiracy rumors flying around between now and inauguration day about what the President Elect is going to do when he takes office.

Just keep a close eye on things, and remember that the new president isn't a dummy and will be surrounding himself with others who aren't dummies either. Expect anything.

As for the GOP, I'm sure you know about how Palin is being thrown under the bus by some "top advisers" in the McCain camp. It doesn't appear that others in the GOP aren't coming out to support her. That says something right there about the GOP. They definitely need to clean house from the top down and re-brand the party.

Joe Ramen said...

It doesn't appear that others in the GOP aren't coming out to support her.

Sorry, that should read:

It does appear that others in the GOP aren't coming out to support her.