Monday, September 29, 2008

Loving A Liberal

How can it be you might ask. How in the world could anyone love a liberal? As a man who is married to the "enemy" so to speak I will explain. My hope is to offer an analysis of this paradox that speaks to the skeptics and inspires those that are already part of one. To those of you involved in a Con/Lib relationship please know I fully understand all the hardships that you face at times. But as a man in the same position take it from me, it is worth the effort. To all the men in my boat I'm sure you know it can be very difficult. Especially if you hold your conservative values as close to your heart as I do. In fact I'm sure it has caused countless arguments between you and your significant other. In my case they would range from mild bickering to full blown insanity.

Why put up with all this you might ask. How could anyone who calls themselves conservative even be attracted to someone who has values we despise? Well to site a very cliche yet very accurate quote: "Love is Blind." In reality we do despise what the left represents, but if two people are meant for each other ideology loses priority. Let me be clear (so as to not anger my wife) I do not "despise" her beliefs. If I associated my hatred of liberals with my wife, well then she wouldn't be my wife. Truth is no matter what side your significant other is on you cherish them regardless.

Now as I mentioned earlier despite my love for my wife political arguments are inevitable. With my passion for the subject and my vehement opposition to some of her views it has gotten ugly at times. As a result she has often ended such arguments with " I don't want to talk about politics anymore." or "Let's not bring it up." The reality is that this is simply impossible. Politics surround us, they shape our culture, our economic systems, and our nation as a whole. Even with mild interest in the political arena it will come up. Our political viewpoints shape the way we look at the world and in a way mold us into who we are.

My wife and I have been together a long long time and we weren't going to let politics get in the way. Let me retract that statement, SHE wasn't going to let politics get in the way. That's right folks, yours truly, the man who has been espousing unwavering love for your partner regardless of politics was ALMOST a hypocrite. During this election season I have been particularly offended and angered by the left in their attempts to hijack the country I LOVE and the one they HATE. Through this rage I looked at my wife as the true enemy, the embodiment of all that was wrong in America. How can you support such a worm as Obama? I would ask her. How can you be OK electing a man that wants to completely destroy this nation? What pushed me over the edge was when I started finding out just how radical Obama really is. The Ayers/Rev. Wright connections disgusted and enraged me. The way I saw it was that anyone who did not denounce these men and their connections to Obama must APPROVE of their actions and beliefs. When I confronted my wife about these issues my rage blinded me. Her response was that of what I perceived to be indifference, which as you can understand made me lose it.

What I did not realize was that my wife truly did not understand what I was even saying to her. She had never seen the evidence and was quite frankly ignoring me. Due to constant brawls in the recent months she was trying to avoid conflict at all costs. As a result of this horrible miscommunication I was on the verge of ending it all. I couldn't bare the fact that I was married to a woman that had no moral objection to treasonous individuals that are directly tied to her candidate. During this political/ideological melt down she made me realize something that has changed our relationship forever. She reminded me that she is not at all as involved or as interested in the political arena as I am. However she still has her own set of values and beliefs but is OPEN to discussion. She admitted she never even saw the evidence about the Ayers/Wright connection, and once she did I was relieved.

The good woman I knew I married came through to me as she showed her utter contempt for what she saw. She could not believe that Obama would associate with such types and is highly skeptical of him now as a result. While left leaning she is an independent thinker who can be reasoned with. A trait far too many leftists do not share. As we made up I realized another crucial factor. She is not totally to blame for her some what misguided views on certain issues. Just like many Americans she trusts the media that lies to us everyday. She took MSLSD at their word and took every piece of propaganda to heart. With nothing to compare this nonsense to one can understand her situation. Without hearing the truth on a daily basis by someone besides me ranting at her she was lost. Now that she is reading my blog, and actually listening to the RIGHT side of the issues she is taking a turn for the best. She is slowly seeing the light, she is seeing the lie that is liberalism, the hypocrisy of the left. This inspires me to send this message to all you frustrated husbands and boyfriends. Do not throw away your soul mate over such issues even if they mean the world to you. Because as all of us conservatives know, if you can effectively illustrate the facts to someone they will almost always fair on our side.

TIPS On How to Educate not Alienate:

A big mistake I often made with my wife was that I came across very condescending. This was because I was very used to debating people of her ilk, and would inadvertently treat her the same way I did them. Which was by my admission a little condescending, but completely justified. It is NOT however justifiable to be that way towards your wife. It is not just wrong, it is ineffective. If you do this she will A. Get angry B. Not listen to you. and C. Think your wrong. To avoid this make sure you keep the conversation a conversation and not a lecture. Be sure to ask questions that get you both talking. Be sure to bring up facts that someone who is not politically savvy can easily grasp and understand. The more facts you state and more pleasant the conversation the more they will absorb and consider. Be sure to illustrate key differences between the schools of thought. This comparison minus the gross media bias will change their perspective quickly. If you are as lucky as I am and your woman is very bright they will eventually see the light.

I owe my wife everything, she knows me better than I know myself. She stands behind my crazy ass through thick and thin. To throw that away because she was simply misinformed would have been tragic. Thank god one of us thinks straight occasionally. This whole blog was her idea. Don't ever let it get that far guys, your partner might not be so understanding. Just consider what I have said here today, remember that if you truly love her she is worth the effort. It's a little more fun and interesting having someone that gives you a run for your money anyway. Inform them, discuss things with them, and you will find that it can be extremely rewarding.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


ash said...

Wow - what a sweet guy!!! :) Your wife is a lucky, lucky girl!

pcbedamned said...

Ahh, but one thing you forget. There are Conservative WOMEN of whom are married to Liberals as well. My hubby too has been brainwashed by the MSM. (he doesn't use the computer so it is pretty much all he goes on). I am constantly having to set him straight. (a wife's job is never done). The main thing to remember is that election cycles end - you don't want your marriage to end with them.

Drew D. said...

Oh don't worry PC, I haven't forgotten. What I say goes for everyone, I was just speaking from my point of view. I admire your efforts in setting your husband straight. Make him check this blog everytime he gets online. I will do my part to reverse his washed brain. Take Care.

Drew D. said...

I guess I read that wrong. I thought you said MSN, not MSM. Either way, when you get online, drag him in there and put his face in front of this blog and my the ones on my list. He (and you) will be glad you did.