Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anti-Obama = Racist

Just a heads up to all those who dare challenge the views of the Emperor Obama. Turns out that if you disagree with anything he says you are simply a racist. Didn't think you were? Too bad, you are, and the liberals say it so it's obviously fact. They are trying to put this man behind a firewall so nobody can question the hundreds of things there are to question. You oppose the great one? Well your just a racist that's all there is to it. No, I am not a racist of any kind, I just think this completely inexperienced leftist wacko will run our country into the ground if it doesn't get bombed first.

This racism card is played commonly by the left, it is a simplistic easy to use, go to response to any well thought out objection to these people. Stands to reason, simplistic people often use simplistic un-educated responses. The reason for this is because they HAVE no educated responses. They, like Obama, use bumper sticker statements and distorted "facts" to argue their point, and if all else fails call the person racist.

This accusation has not just been applied to this situation, take immigration for example. If you feel that we should actually HAVE borders, and enforce immigration laws you just hate Mexicans. See how easy it is not to debate? Check it out, Right: "I really think that we should control our borders, it is an issue of national security." Left: "Your just racist and don't want Mexicans coming in." Works like a charm.
Nobody on the right ever said anything regarding Barrys race, it was Obama himself who brought it up and wouldn't let it go. It seems to me he cares about his race more than we do. It's simply a scare tactic, a pathetic last stitch effort by the left to guilt trip voters. Well folks, I hope you aren't so gullible and I know your not. I know that you will see through this sham and see him for the empty suit he is. Trust me, your not racist if you don't vote for him, your just intelligent.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


ash said...

Wow. Both my Step-Dad & boyfriend would never in a million years vote for Obama & I think its a little harsh to say just b/c they didn't they are racist. That's what my party is saying?!?! I don't like that & that's the truth. :)

Drew D. said...

Yes Ash, pretty incredible isn't it? You wouldn't believe that a party could stoop so low as to dismiss every view that challenges theirs by calling them racist. Unfortunatly this is what liberals have to do to stay in the arena of ideas I suppose. Thanks for reading!!!

ash said...

Your updated blog looks so nice. You did a great job, Drew :]

Drew D. said...

Thanks Ash, I have my girlfriend to thank for it, she found the great background. I'm still pretty new to this. But as long as she's helping me I'll be fine. The links are the next thing on my list. Thanks again.

Joe Ramen said...

Good stuff, Drew.

Using any kind of ad hominem attack on those who disagree with anything - calling somebody a racist, homophobe (my favorite) xenophobe, etc. - is like you said, what I like to call an "argument ender." Do a little research on a concept known as the Hegelian Dialectic, and you'll see why it is an effective tool of the left (it's such a common tool that leftists use, and most of them have no idea that it is an actual paradigm of anti-debate). Basically, if you can put somebody on the back foot or the defensive, you have accomplished two things: One, you have taken control of the argument by defining (or redefining) it on your terms. Second, it effectively changes the dynamics of the argument, creates a diversion. It now takes the emphasis off the original argument and refocuses on the players involved. There are three key stages in the Dialectic.

Here's briefly how it works. Somebody who supports Obama, for example, accuses another who opposes Obama as being a "racist." That is step 1, the "thesis." The natural reaction is for that other person to respond, "No, I am not a racist." That is step 2, the "antithesis." Now the discussion will shift as the second person, rather than arguing why he or she thinks that Obama would not be a good president, will defend his or her position as not being a racist. The argument has shifted from whether or not Obama would or would not make a good president to whether or not the one who opposes him is a racist. That step 3, the "synthesis."

Conservatives, unfortunately and historically consistently, fall for this trap over and over again. I have debated a lot of people in my time, and living in the socialist paradise of New Zealand where there are liberal moonbats a plenty, I get a lot of practice. If somebody accuses me of being __________, I simply say, "That may or may not be true, but stick to the argument and tell me what part of what I said is wrong." Immediately that puts them on the back foot and forces them to stick to the issue (of course, you have to be prepared to wear the label if you don't deny it, which doesn't bother me). Then you get to see just how good your opponent is. Most of the time, being that the opponent is a leftist, they just go into complete melt-down mode, exposing themselves as not only incapable of forming an argument, but weak in discourse. Usually, they are used to getting their way and having the last word because they think they always have the "moral high ground" and after throwing a few bombs like, "You're a racist," or "That's just 'hate speech'," their opponents back down.

You've heard the phrase, "There's nothing like a woman scorned." Well, there's nothing like a liberal challenged, too.

Perhaps tomorrow, I'll share a little story on my blog about a discussion I had recently with a liberal. I have a bad case of the flu right now so we'll see how my energy is.

Drew D. said...

Very interesting and very true Joe, your exactly right it changes the shape of the debate out right and that is what they hope to achieve. They hope this in order to divert you from the fact that they have no solid argument on the issue at hand. Thanks for the post, I will be sure to read about your adventure with the left, I live in the NE US so I am surrounded by the enemy as well.

Me said...

You should try being a Black American and a Conservative.
I get the best blasts from both worlds.

But that's okay. Barack Obama represents an unprecedented danger to the fabric of this nation.

military passivity, income redistribution, and redrafting the Constitution to satisfy a far left ideology.

Besides, the man's been a public servant for what, 150 days?

Come on.

This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever heard (not my words- Bill Clinton said this).


Change we can believe in... McCain/Palin.