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This is the most unique and equally trying time in American history since its inception (minus World Wars, depressions, etc). Never before have we seen the threat to America's fundamental values, systems and underlying fabric become such a possible reality. It is truly scary to those of us who embrace the American spirit and the essential blueprint for our success , Capitalism. However, for those who wish to see Capitalism go extinct it is a glorious time. Let's look at the presidential candidate, the anointed one, the Messiah, the savior, Lord Obama Hussein. This is a man who is by far the most radically leftest senator in history and freely associates himself with his mentors like Rev. J. Wright and William Ayers to name a few. The scary thing about this candidacy is his vast support and the very real possibility that this man could single handedly (with the help of a Dem controlled House and Senate "change" the country forever. As he once said he "learned many things while in Europe," the only problem is I think he brought those things back to the US. But why you might ask, why would Americans support such a man? Well because all too many Americans feel that socialism is the answer.

Many have asked me the difference between the economic systems of past and present and as a study of these I have concluded that I am a strong advocate of Capitalism. As I dug my way through the ivory towers of school, entrenched in the professorial verbal sewage chanted by Marxists' I have come to think independently. It is proven by looking at our country, the experiments in China and other developing parts of the world that Capitalism is the true path to prosperity. While no system is perfect its foundation is sound. Liberals of today despise this system, in fact they fight to rid of it all together. They salivate for the socialist uprising in sight, while this seems maniacal to us reasonable and intelligent people it is the only way for them. Why you ask? I will explain the best I can, because as we all know liberalism is a mental disorder.


Socialist's hate capitalism because of its core value that those who work hard are rewarded. To them nobody should have more than another no matter what. Universal mediocrity is the name of the game in socialism. Where everyone has the same, where everyone lives in squalor and those who want to get out of squalor can't because its "wrong". There is no exceptional success's in socialism because success contradicts the basis of the system. Some of us simply can't succeed so those who can mustn't be allowed to do so because its "not fair." How it's not fair remains to be seen only by those who espouse this twisted belief. Dem's of today would frankly get rid of rich people. They are evil, greedy, and criminal, they only made their money through exploiting the common worker and using corruption as a tool for advancement. These beliefs are not my own , they have been written before, a long long time ago by a man named Karl Marx, every heard of him? This is quite ironic considering many of the richest people are liberal Democrats, the key here is, THEY should be rich and nobody else. Ask George Cloony, or Matt Damon or any other incredibly delusional slow witted lib : "Since you think tax cuts are so unfair and that rich people don't deserve their money how about cutting a check back to the government for all that saved $$ ??" I have a feeling they won't respond.

The distribution of wealth is the core of Socialism and is the core of Barry Obama's beliefs. Take from those who have succeeded and give to those who didn't earn it and more often than not don't deserve it. This theory is wrong on so many levels I will have to simplify it the best I can.
Capitalism encourages individuals to control their destiny, it allows one person to achieve any dream he/she has. No where in this doctrine does it say you will or SHOULD BE successful it merely presents the opportunities. Desire is what fuels those in a capitalist society, the desire not just for material things but desire for a better life , the desire to provide for their family, the desire to prepare for the future. The driving force behind desire is greed, yes that dirty word, GREED. GREED ladies and gentlemen is GOOD. Before you start ranting and raving lets get it clear. I'm not talking about the greed of corrupt CEO's and politicians, I'm talking about greed in terms of what people want their lives to be.

Greed has been made out to be deplorable by the left, a destroyer of man. Quite the contrary, greed has built the greatest nation on the planet. Greed is what drives a person to better their lives, to better their families lives. It drives us to work harder, to make more, to provide more, and in the end provide more to our country's economy. If one can never get ahead no matter what, no matter how hard they work, if one can't excel above his neighbor, if one can't dream about giving their families things they never had, then my friends you are talking about Socialism.

In Socialism there is no advancement, we are all the same, equally mediocre. You can't make more than me because the government says so, and if you do they will tax it out of your pocket and put "my share" in mine. You can't better your life because I can't better mine. Competition is a bi-product of greed and the Capitalist society. Since we have the freedom and liberty to grow and the freedom to choose who we do business with through the free market, those companies must strive to be the best. In a free market that company knows that the only way to win market share is to provide the best for the cheapest. Heavy competition not only benefits the consumer but the country as well. Products become better, prices fall and company's prosper and give their piece to the government. Which is far too much as it is, but with the Dem's in control not only do they what a much larger piece they often times what the WHOLE piece , they want control. That is another ingredient in Socialist societies, government control extends to EVERYTHING. There are no private firms because its not a FREE economy, its a nationalised firm owned and ran by the government. A bloated , slow moving, bureaucratic nightmare that wouldn't know a business if it bit them. This is what the left wants, they want this system, and they want Obama to install it.


This brings us to the biggest issue of both systems and our country's future, taxes, one of the only certainties. Taxes are not understood by the majority of Americans primarily because hardly anyone does. The US Tax Code makes the bible look like a pamphlet so you can only understand so much. What we can understand is the basic premise, purpose and ideas behind taxes. Taxes are what fuel the pocket book of big brother, they help provide social services on the state and federal level. Fiscal Conservatives believe that taxes should be minimized, they believe that interference by the government in personal and free market affairs does nothing but stifle the economy and its growth, I am one of these believers. Taxes you might be familiar with include income tax, payroll taxes (medicare, soc. security, etc.) small business taxes, corporate tax, capital gains tax, death tax, property tax, the list is endless, and that's the problem.

What most don't understand is that 60% of people DON"T pay income tax, commonly they don't even pay payroll taxes because they have "earned income credit" from the government. Under Lord Obama's rule these people would get more, and he would give more by taking more from YOU. His tax plan consists of nearly DOUBLING capital gains taxes, this means that every American investor would shuttle his capital out of the country further hurting the markets and economy. When capital flies out of the country our growth will slow to less than a percent. Capital gain taxes will go up to 25%, death taxes will go up, gas taxes will go up 10%, payroll taxes might double, you get the picture.

Dem's or "socialists" as I call them believe that the government is essentially smarter than the individual. That left to his/ her own devices the common man can't control their lives, the government needs to step in and do it for them even if its not in the individuals best interest. Therefore they want to tax endless $$ out of the payer and use it for their own ideas and social programs, instead of leaving more of it in the citizens own pocket for he himself to decide where it goes, like to provide for his family. Socialists hate private firms and want to control them and tax them because they hate the system it represents. The Messiah's VP Joe Biden said recently that his definition of patriotism meant taxing people more. I strongly believe that its in the lib's DNA, no matter what the situation it is a constant, raise taxes. He went on to say that its time for those making 200k or more a year to "pitch in" to get "America out of the rut" to (and this is the key part) " PUT THAT MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF THE MIDDLE CLASS" sound a little like re-distribution of wealth to you??? Just as a side note, re-distribution has been tried, and has failed miserably.

So basically what Biden is saying is that it's "patriotic" to steal from those who earned it and simply GIVE it to others. Um, I'm sorry but that sounds to me to be the exact opposite of what it means to be patriotic. I believe that a man working hard and making his own way in his life and giving the best to his family and striving to make his life better and better without it being handed to him is patriotic. I guess Charlie Rangle isn't too patriotic then, he just likes to raise the taxes, not pay them. The evil rich people do the following for the country: The top 10% of the tax bracket pay 75% of all taxes, they create jobs, they create wealth (across the board not just for themselves), they create economic growth, they fuel the markets. Just a few minor things the evil "rich" do for us. But let's assume what Biden says is true, let's assume that we will only tax the rich. Well that's just fine except that his plan is a downright lie. Repealing the Bush tax cuts (which his ticket will do) will take about 10k out of the pockets of people who make 42k/year. To all of you rich folk making 42k a year I hope your ready to trade in that gold fish tank and stop using cash as fire wood because Obama's in town.


When it comes to the economy and the markets Dem's are literally clueless. Harry Reed in response to a question asked about how to deal with crashing markets " I don't know what we're gonna do." Sounds like a leader we want in Washington doesn't it? Basically if they can't complain or blame it on the Bush administration they just give up and go home. The worst thing that we ever did was bail out the corporate giants that killed themselves through miss-appropriation and corruption. This has given the federal government control over even more of the large capital corps. So now the very people that destroyed the company (Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac) now have complete control over it. The free market rules of conservatives say that no matter how big the firm we must let it sink or swim on its own. If they fail, that's the nature of the game, the government won't bail you out, and if they succeed we shouldn't be taxing them up the yin yang either. There's a reason why its called a FREE market people. This just opens the door to let Dem's knock the capitalist system even more. Yelling that private firms just can't be trusted and we need the good ol big brother to come in and set it straight. Please, is there anything more useless, bureaucratic and down right corrupt as the US federal government???


What really agitates me is the hypocrisy of the Dem's when it comes to the Fannie Mae/ Freddy Mac situation. These institutions solely ran by liberal democrats were run into the ground by criminal CEO's and GM's stealing the money out of the taxpayers pocket to give themselves 100 million dollar golden parachutes. Then Lord Obama has the audacity to try and attack this situation as a PLUS for his campaign in terms of harping on the "economy is horrible" chord and reciting the mantra; "when in doubt bail em out." So because a bunch of fraudulent housing officials at Freddy/Fannie gave $500,000 loans to people who make $50,000 a year you and I get to pay for it. We have to pay the price for the management cooking the books so they could get their bonuses. And the reason why these companies aren't coming under fire like Enron or World Com? Simple, its run by Dem's and Dem campaign revenue, and they don't attack their own. It's no secret that both Freddy and Fannie give millions to Democratic campaigns and have since inception. And who has received the most from these companies besides CT's own Chris Dodd (D) ? Why the messiah of coarse. Must be nice to accept all of those funds and then sit back to play devils advocate as he attacks them and tells us the conservative system is to blame.

The connection that Obama has to these firms and their leaders is downright criminal. He lets Franklin Rains pick his VP selection and then calls him for advice on the housing situation. Other top officials at Freddy Mac are his very own economic advisers, and Obama is on OUR side?
Only the sheeple will believe him, he is a fraud, a liar and a manipulator. He is systematically manipulating the American people, this is not persuasive argument, this is manipulation. Not a liar you say? Here's a few examples: Remember that stimulus package? He said he came up with it, that's right, it was all his idea. Fact, he wasn't even there to vote on the issue. Remember how he said he would do "everything it took" to fix the housing situation and the corrupt firms that lined his pockets? Fact, he has never voted on ANY of the reform housing legislation, as Sen. Mccain did in 2005. Why try to reform a firm that gives you millions? Remember how he said he is mere "acquaintances of William Ayers and didn't even know Rev. J Wright said the things he says? Fact, Lord Obama and Ayers were friends for years and worked together in South Chicago, both created the "Acorn Group" (A community agitation group), Obama's career was launched under Ayers supervision from his living room. Fact, Obama has been a member of Wrights church for 20 years and gave 23K a year to it, I'm pretty sure he might of caught Wrights little "sermons" here or there. Furthermore in his memoirs (which he wrote instead of legislation in the Senate) stated clearly that Wright was his "mentor" and "inspired him", sounds like he was more than an "acquaintance".


Stemming from the housing and market disasters we are hearing more and more about the economy from the left side of the aisle. The way the two parties view the economy and thustly our country is vastly different primarily because we have enormously different economic ideals and values (or lack there of in the Dem's case). The fiscal conservatives believe in this system, they believe in the American spirit of industry, most of all they believe in the solidarity of our FREE market and have never wavering faith that it will correct itself. I am one of these people if you haven't determined that already. Conversely the Dem's portray a much different picture. I call it the "doom and gloom" viewpoint of the American economy. In the liberals mind we are falling off into space, chaos is upon is, the American economy is failing and we are doomed for eternity. Now my question is, if one truly believes that wouldn't you think they would try to change it or fix it. The tragic thing is they ARE trying to "fix" it by implementing there version of how a market should work, surprisingly spawned from their economic philosophy. The only thing is I don't think they are getting the memo that if it ain't broke don't fix it.

The Dem's see this as doom and gloom and the faithful see this as an opportunity. This economic crisis is not new, we have been through this time and time again (Black Tuesday). What happened on Black Tuesday? The market tanked, people lost everything, and then they turned around and invested their money back into the markets, bought securities at record lows and as a result the market bounced back, it steamed forward and reached record highs. That is the free market, that is the beauty of free trade and enterprise. The self controlling mechanisms WORK, they are tried and true. The American spirit to succeed and the DESIRE to succeed and excel drives this system through tough times and good.

The Dem's see it differently, obviously, because they despise capitalism and the markets are the foundation of the system they hate. 90% of investment in the American markets is based on FAITH, faith and trust in the American market and faith in the controls of it. Without this faith banks would crumble, markets would shut down, the treasury would be useless, money would become trivial. The entire system is based on the trust we have in this system, stands to reason we should support it right? Well in the Dem's case it couldn't be further from the truth. They will tell you that they have NO faith in the market, that without the government control corrupt greedy CEO's will take all the working mans money. They will tell the American people NOT to trust it and its a dangerous road to go down.


At this point when the economy is hurting we need all the domestic business AND international business to thrive, but that's not happening. International companies and investors are pulling out their capital, they are fleeing from the American markets. How can they be expected to have faith in a system when they hear Harry Reed say he's not so sure, when Obama is convincing people that its not safe and its crumbling? How can you expect them to be confident in a country that taxes their own companies and regulates them out of business? The bail outs are not over, due to ever increasing regulation, corporate taxes etc. the auto industries and oil companies will be the next one's running to the soup line. Auto companies whom thrive in other companies because the government is not constantly in their way are getting killed in their own backyard. So what does the great Messiah propose if he gets in to "help" the economy? You guessed it, raise the corporate tax and add even more regulation, the socialist spirit at work.

This pessimistic theory holds true for virtually everything American for the left, mostly because they hate this country and everything it stands for. Just look at how they think we should present ourselves to the world. I love my country and am proud of my country and these people laugh at that. These spoiled little yuppies scoff at the flag that so many died protecting. They choose to apologize for this country, they join in when others bash us. When 100 years ago you would be jailed or worse for burning the flag now they want to give them ACLU lawyers. When Islamic extremists kill 5,000 Americans, they don't yell for justice, they don't yell for revenge. They don't stand in American pride by our flag and pray for damn nation of our enemies. Instead they ask "why"? Why would they do this? Let me save you the suspense, the answer is ALWAYS the UNITED STATES. WE are the problem, WE are to blame for "making them so angry". We should go "talk" to them and "reason" with these men to see "their side of things" , we should try and "understand" them. Instead of sending bombs we should send therapists and counselors.

Just typing it makes me want to vomit, I'm sorry but you can't reason with people who cut off their enemies heads with a rusty hack saw because they are an "infidel". But that is the liberal way, America is the big bad wolf and all the other countries of the world are sweet little innocent pigs that need to be "reasoned" with. This is the world view of Obama, when he went to Germany and preeched to the masses after screaming , "This is our time!!!" Um, who's time exactly???? I thought he was running for OUR country's office. But thats just it, he's NOT running for our country, he is running veimintly against it. He is running for all the countries in the world that hate us. He didn't try and represent our country to the president of Germany he joined in the America bashing. The president would bitch about us, and instead of defending us Obama agreed with him, and this will be the common place if this man gets in.

Our enemies are waiting with baited breathes for this man to get elected, they know it will be a sign of weakness. That sign of weakness will cause thousands and thousands of American deaths. Despite all the misplaced hatred for Pres. Bush and his administration everyone espesically ObamaMania TV forgets that this man has kept us safe for seven years since the 9/11 attack. SEVEN YEARS, people take this entirely for granted and it will bite them as soon as the next attack happens, and it most certainly will under Emperor Obamas rule. Seven years with not so much as one single bomb in the most dangerous global environment in history and do we hear about it? No. Do we hear about all the victories in the war on terror? No, we just hear about the horror we cause the world, the war mongering of Bush, the tragic violations of Islamic rights in prison camps.


One more piece before I go, and this is a little off topic but relavant non the less. The liberal media dominates this country and its more obvious now than ever. The truth is the party that preeches "open mindedness" are the most closed minded people on the planet. They HATE the other view points and will do anything to keep them quiet. Another interesting thing Obama will support if elected is the "Fairness Doctrine". This UNfair doctrine is purely designed to silence conservative talk radio which has been voicing the truth and blowing the whistle on the lie which is liberalism for decades. They want a government mandate that all programs have eqal amount of people on with every viewpoint. How in the world is that considered living in a free country? It surprises me because places like MSLSD and other ObamaTV stations will have to put people like me on, which I'm sure they will do a great job of misrepresenting.

They know that talk radio can't and won't adapt to that kind of facism and will refuse to thus putting it out of business, which then leaves the American citizen with the only devine and infalable ideology , liberalism.These people preech about "tolerating" other's views but do everything in their power to squash them. They preech for the advancement of women and blacks, but only CERTAIN women and blacks. The "femenist" movement is not about the advancement of women, if so they would be thrilled about Gov. Pallin, instead they despise her. Because feminists believe in the advancement and rights of LIBERAL women. If the NAACP was for the advancement of colored people they would be thrilled that Clarence Thomas was elected Supreme Court judge, instead they spent thousands trashing him and trying to stop him. Because the NAACP is not a civil rights organization its a LIBERAL rights organization. In summation liberals are very tolerant people, they appreciate all views of all people. I forgot to mention that this only applies if you to are a liberal, if you don't agree with them then you can go to hell.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


ash said...

Your blog really opened my eyes to things I hadn't thought about. My boyfriend tells me I am a liberal with some conservative views & if I would pay more attention to him & to some Republican viewpoints, I'd change in a heartbeat ... So, thanks for showing me the light. I'm not quite there but may be soon :)

Ricky Fargason, CKD, CBD said...

Obama said in that same speech, and I quote, "We are the people we have been waiting for." What an arrogant statement to make about himself. He is full of illusions of grandeur! And the sad thing is the mainstream "drive-by" media will not call him on it. CNN (Communist News Network), PMSNBC, NBC (Nothing but Barack Channel), ABC (All Barack Channel), and CBS (Communist Barack Station) are all in the tank for this guy.
This election is going to be very close. I think it will be decided in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Colorado. I think the entire South will stay red and New England and the Left Coast will stay blue as usual. It could end in a tie 269/269. meaning the House picks the President and the Senate picks the VP. If that happens the blame for his failure will go on Pelosi and the Democrats.

Drew D. said...
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Drew D. said...

I think your right Ricky, this election is going to be very very close. Far too close for my comfort, and yes it will be down to the swing states. God help us if it actually is a tie, but I don't think it will come to that. Alot can happen between now and November, we can only hope that Biden keeps talking. I am confident that the debates will do nothing but help us.