Monday, September 22, 2008

God Help Us

There is a rumor that Obama will be ditching Joe Biden as the VP pick in order to bring on the one and only she-devil Billary Clinton. This is probably the most frightening development that has yet to occur in this election process. The story goes that Joe Biden will "step down" as VP pick on Oct. 5th citing an "aneurysm" as the excuse.
As we all know the extensively ruthless and corrupt Democratic party has been steadily haggling with Joe Biden to step down. I'm sure the figure is quite large, but whatever it is it's enough to make Joe go away. This shows us just how little the Dem's think of the voters. They firmly believe that pandering works and that they will eat up whatever verbal sewage is fed to them.
Regardless, the Obama/Clinton ticket will drastically change the election and quite frankly it petrifies me. There are enough communists' in this country to make these horrifying people the leaders of the free (but not for long) world. So the MOST radically leftist senator will be joined by the SECOND MOST radical senator, what a dream team huh folks?
With this pair in power we can all forget about this country because it's over. I'm not being dramatic people, it's over. It angers me and frustrates me beyond comprehension that the walking brain dead of this country (LIBERALS) truly want this. In some sick way I actually want them to get what they thirst for so they can live through the hell with the rest of us. So they can see what their precious socialism gets them, to see the "paradise" that it creates. The sad thing is while we wallow in the socialist pit these absolute degenerate jack asses will defend it.
The one ray of hope that we have is that ego's continue to guide the liberal agenda. Obama's ego would tell him that he doesn't want Billary constantly breathing down his neck as VP. Billary has already been VP once and is hell bent on being number one, and if she still thinks she has it bagged for 2012 then why help him? However, these are the Clintons we are talking about, who have already gotten rid of plenty of others in their way. I would not put it past Billary to accept the nomination just to "accidentally" fall into the top spot sometime during Obama's first term. Bill Clinton has stated that in no way is Billary interested in this position, but I mean this is Bill Clinton, not exactly the picture of honesty. In fact, we can't believe a word out of this mans mouth, so who knows. All we can do is pray.
I'm Drew D. and that is the horrible, horrible truth.


ash said...

That's not what Billy said today on "The View." Here is a quote for ya. I'd hyperlink it if I knew how.

"Making his first ever appearance on The View, former president Bill Clinton said that his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton did not want to be Barack Obama’s vice-presidential running mate but would have accepted the job if called upon for the sake of the Democratic Party.

"Not really, she didn't," Clinton said in response to a question from host Barbara Walters about whether Sen. Hillary Clinton, wanted to join her one-time opponent on the Democratic ticket.

That said, the former president did add that if Obama had selected Hillary Clinton over Sen. Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate, it would have been the best choice politically."

I know how informative you think "The View" is ;)

Joe Ramen said...

I'll go you one better: It will not be Biden who pulls out before November. It will be Obama - and Hillary will be the nominated candidate.

I say this for a few reasons:

1. There is no love lost between Shrillary and Obamabi. She is VERY bitter that the Donks threw her under the bus in favor of Obamabi.

2. Hillary's ego is waaaaaaay too big to consider herself being second fiddle to Obambi. She wants to be president.

3. The Clinton machine runs that party. If Obamabi's popularity in the polls continue to decline, you never know.

4. Do not put anything past the Donks. They are very desperate to control the White House and the Congress.

Drew D. said...

I know that he SAID that she wouldn't, but again, how often does Billy tell the truth? Additionaly neither does Billary or the entire filthy Democratic party. They lie like a bodily function. For all we know Billary will take the VP spot, have Barry whacked and she'll take over the socialist revolution. Always remember, nothing is beneath them.

Drew D. said...

I definately wouldn't put it past em Joe. They will do anything, and I mean anything to win. This socialist revolution doesn't get any scarier than this. All I'm fairly certain of is that the Dem ticket of today will not be the Dem ticket of Nov.

Justin said...

You have an AWESOME blog here! Nice to meet another conservative. Thanks for visiting my blog. You've just been added to my favorite link page!

Drew D. said...

Thanks alot Justin, good to see another guy my age fighting the good fight. In return for your good faith I will add you to my Blog Reel as well. Take care.

ApacheRocky said...

Great blog, Drew! Thanks for the's great to see people openly willing to stand up to the left. We are a country at war...not only in the Middle East, but you know just as I do, with the Enemy Within. This country is being drug through the mud into scary territory, and the people need a wake up call before it gets anymore out of hand! Thanks for what you're doing.

Drew D. said...

Absoutely right Apache, this country is going down fast and if people don't wake up and stand up it will be too late. All we can do is keep fighting the good fight like we are doing. After all, they can't socialize our voices (yet). Your blog is great as well btw. Take care.