Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mexicans are Dumb and UnSkilled

Caught your eye didn't it, that is the same hope the Obama camp had when they put out the ludicrous and insulting ad tying lies about Rush Limbaugh to John Mccain.

The ad that ran in four key southwestern states with large Hispanic populations (cleverly distributed in Spanish) portrayed Rush Limbaugh and Mccain as one in the same. The only problem with this is that not only did they out right lie about comments made by Rush, they connected two people that have opposite views on the issue at hand. Anyone who looks up from the NY Times for even a second should know that Rush Limbaugh has staunchly disagreed with Mccains immigration reform policies.

This ad was absolutely insulting to the Hispanic populations of the states it was released in. Not only is it insulting it's as racist as they make Rush Limbaugh out to be as explained here in this interview. Assuming the targeted demographic of this ad was stupid enough to believe that a vote for Mccain is a vote for a racist Rush shows us just how the left and the Obama camp view American voters. Just another clear example of how the left is wildly thrashing about for any vote what so ever by any means necessary.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

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