Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama is Jesus

Now the chosen one is truly being recognized by the left as not only an infallible emperor but also the holy savior. The counters from the left just get wackier and wackier don't they? Gov. Palin simply pointed out that Obama has some nerve to attack small town mayors when he has never even ran one he just "organized" one. The response from the left to this clear distinction between the two? Relate one to the son of god and the other to the person who killed him, guess which one's which.
This campaign "strategy" is holding true across the board. Mccain/Palin expose Obama's socialist tax policies and Biden responds by saying it's "PATRIOTIC" to pay higher taxes. Just more evidence that the slow witted liberals are in full panic mode. They don't even know what to say anymore since the baffling VP pick came on the scene. I think I saw some liberal heads literally explode when Sarah Palin walked out on stage. I personally can't wait for the debate between Palin/Biden, it should be one interesting exchange to say the least. If you libs want to say a prayer for Biden I suggest you do it now, oh but wait, you don't pray, so I guess write another article about Palins daughter or something.
The comparison between the rights BOTTOM of the ticket and the lefts TOP of the ticket:

Barry Obama's Resume:

1. 143 days in Senate, voted "present" more often than "yes" or "no".

2. Passed ZERO pieces of legislation and proposed no bills.

3. Never has run a city, or even a "small town"

4. Never has run a state, even a little ol one like Alaska (which is the most important state of natural resources we have).

5. Never has ran a business.

6. Never has directed a national guard.

7. Never has managed and guided people through crisis.

8. Never had to balance a budget.

9. Never has stood up for what he believes over what his party believes.

10. Never has taken on corruption in his own party.

Sarah Palin's Resume:

1. Has become GOVERNOR, not a SENATOR, big difference. I like how the Obama media always highlights her as "the mayor of a small town." Not to mention she is the most popular governor in the country.

2. Has ran a city before her state.

3. Has run a business before a city.

4. Has balanced a budget, payroll, etc. She did this in the private sector, local level, and state level, so I think she's "experienced" when it comes to that.

5. Has provided energy relief to Alaskans and will be bringing natural gas to all Americans via the pipeline.

6. Has cut gas taxes and used her veto pen to save Alaskans 1/2 a billion dollars.

7. Has taken on corruption in her own party and WON, has taken down the good ol' boy networks and doesn't apologize for it.

8. Has directed one of the most active branches of the National Guard.

Now you tell me, if you were to hire one of these people for a job, which one would you pick? The left loves their little one liners they all share like, " Do you really want her staring down Vladamir Putin"? DAMN RIGHT! I much rather have her do it than baby Barry. Please, this man would either run away and vote present to avoid the conflict or just agree with Putin and join in the America bashing. Either way I rather have Palin at the top of my ticket than see the Messiah get in.

Another thing that strikes me is yet another great hypocrisy of the left. The left is the champion of the "little guy", the "common working man". That is an unqualified LIE, they LIE to the middle class, insult the middle class, and manipulate those who are uninformed. They are elitists at the highest level, and people are seeing through it. If they are so for the little guy then why make fun of Palin because she ran a "small town"? Newsflash great emperor, this country runs on small towns. Why attack her for being just a regular hockey mom (even though she is far more than that)? I thought you leftists were the advocates for the "little people", for working men like her husband who is in the Steel Workers Union. The left will say their ideas represent the main stream of America. If the mainstream beliefs of America don't extend past San Fran Sicko or the uptown Manhattan area then their right.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

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