Thursday, September 18, 2008


Work ethic is something I feel too many Americans have completely abandoned or forgot about. Primarily the left side of the population. What reminded of this was when I recently heard the Messiah's latest speech. Lord Obama was out there speaking boldly and profoundly about revelations that I think he just had about this country. Here is what he said: "If your a kid coming up in poverty, your on your own, if your a young person coming up in the world and are struggling, your on your own." Hmm, am I the only one in the world that thought UH YEAH! every time he said "your on your own". WELCOME TO CAPITALISM EMPEROR OBAMA if you don't like it please go to a country that embraces your beliefs. May I suggest Cuba, France, Denmark, Canada, or even China.

In this country you ARE on your own, this is not a group effort, that is what communism is and that is why this country is great. We believe in the individual, we believe in every person having the right to become anything they want unfettered by the government. You want to get out of poverty? Then you WORK, you work your tail off, you save your money, you don't buy the hottest new clothes, you don't go out every night or even every weekend. You work your way out of poverty and make something of yourself. Your struggling? THEN YOU WORK, you work over time, you sacrifice that new TV you wanted, you do what it takes to make it. That is the American spirit, that is what has built this country from the ground up. What is great about this country NOT being socialist or communist is that we are given the rights and opportunities to pursue our own INDIVIDUAL dreams.

Here is an example of work ethic that has unfortunately escaped many. I heard this on the Michael Savage program but it relates to my town as well. In my town there was this little Asian shop in the Mini Mall Plaza, They were immigrants here and had almost nothing to their name and started the shop with what they had. They worked 24 hrs a day, and they did it without complaining in fact quite the opposite. They were THRILLED to actually be ABLE to work 24 hrs, to build their own future, to be independent without the government asking for anything.

So time went on and they continued to work and eventually saved enough money to buy the store next to them. Because they were sacrificing, working and persevering through the challenges they were advancing, they were succeeding, they were living the American dream. Later on after driving the same 85' Mazda for five years they brought their family over from Korea and put them to work. A few years later that same family built a whole other complex right across the street. They didn't bitch, they didn't complain, they worked, they didn't whine about racism, they didn't whine about the challenges, they didn't look for the handouts, they worked, they worked and they succeeded, they lived the dream.

Now some will say, "I don't want to live like that, I don't want to work like that." That's totally fine and your choice as an American, but then don't expect to be taken care of by those who DID chose to work. Unfortunately the left feels that this is over rated, that just because someone CHOOSES not to work they should still be provided for. They should have everything their neighbor has because that is whats "just". The modern person has dumped the work ethic model and adopted the liberal way. "Ohhhhhh, ya know the job I want just isn't out there I'll just stay home." "Ohhhhhhh on second thought my back kinda hurts maybe I can get some social welfare programs to support me." "Ohhhhhhhh ya know what I kinda like this not working and collecting checks thing so maybe I'll just keep it up" "Ya know what I think that I could find another welfare program to give me a little more so now I can start up a nice crack habit."

That is the road work ethic is taking in America and unfortunately presidential candidates like the Emperor Obama advocate more and more of this behavior. In fact the clever liberals are now trying to justify their Marxist views by saying its PATRIOTIC to be so. Like Biden said, lets be "patriotic" and give the money from the hard working small business owners to the middle class people (who are often middle class themselves). They have a word for taxing one group and giving it to the other that didn't earn it, its called socialism. The fundamental problem that nobody realizes is that socialism stagnates progress and growth. Take France for example where its ILLEGAL to work more than 30 hrs a week. You want to become extraordinary ? Too bad, ordinary is the way you'll be so sayeth the government.

Why work harder than my neighbor if we both end up getting the same? Why should I try and better my life when I can let my neighbor do the work and the government give me my "cut"? Why dream about things I can never have because we are doomed to a life of mediocrity anyway? The desire for a better life disappears because the government doesn't allow it. Socialist countries squash dreams, reward irresponsible behavior and discourage advancement of any kind. This is the great "change" the messiah Obama wants to make in this country, and if Americans don't wake up and see what is happening it will be to late. It reminds me of a little known quote once said by a little known politician; "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.

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