Friday, September 26, 2008

Socialism is the Answer

As I watch this horrid debate between the two candidates one thing clearly distinguishes the two. One man believes in this country and it's fundamental foundation of capitalism. The other man child believes that this country is wrong, and it's systems are wrong. In order to re-create this nation in his image we must tear down everything now in place. Unfortunately too many Americans seem to agree with this trend and believe this utter BS that he spews. He said just now that "the fundamentals are wrong". Finally a shred of truth from the great one. He does think they are wrong, he hates capitalism, he hates what this country was built on, and hates everything we stand for.

It is down right petrifying just how similar he and Karl Marx are. I mean Obama is taking mantras right out of the Communist Manifesto and nobody is batting an eye lash. All I am hearing is "working class" this, and "rich people" that. Take from the corrupt rich people, give to the "poor". Everyone deserves the same, nobody should be exceptional and if they are they will be punished. Tear down capitalism because "look at how it has failed." "Let us build a Socialist utopia" where no problems like the current ones we face will ever happen. Let the holy government run the affairs of the economy and the private sector because they know what's best.

Lie after lie this piece of human waste spews from the podium. One after the other and it seems that more than half of America is eating it right up. Telling us lies about taxes, saying he "only wants to tax the rich" which in itself is Socialist but regardless is completely un-true. Stripping the Bush tax cuts that have saved those who make 42k/year of tens of thousands of dollars is not helping the "working man". Does anyone believe that Obama is going to "lower taxes" like he keeps saying when that contradicts the core value of the Democratic party? All I hear from Obama is "workers revolution" propaganda. Capitalism is evil and the "workers" are suffering nonsense that is as outdated and plain WRONG as the day it was published in the Communist Manifesto.

Lie #2 : Saying he is "open to all alternative energy's" and will "gain us energy independence."

Fact: He is completely against EVERYTHING. Against oil drilling that would make us secure as a nation. Against developing nuclear networks that could power a vast portion of America with little risk. His theory is that we will magically become independent by keeping our tires inflated and start running 747's on vegetable oil.

The really sad and depressing thing about all of this is that people seem to accept this Socialist propaganda as right and true. This man is clearly saying that he "fundamentally doesn't agree" with this country and how it runs. He is clearly stating that he will tear down EVERY last trace of capitalism to rebuild it in his twisted image of glory that is socialism. Despite all of this people will vote for him, and he is a hair away from completing his mission of destroying America as we know it. Are people really so simple to think that because a Republican is in office that Republicans caused this economic crisis? They really believe that with Lord Obama that this would have never happened? They really don't see the obvious connection between the Democratic party and these institutions? I assume that Americans are far dumber than I gave them credit for. Now those of you with a brain and those of you with American pride are excluded from this tirade, but those of you who want this Socialist revolution are not.

Why do Democrats and the Lie berals hate this country?

They hate this country because it goes against everything they believe. The very ideology that we represent today is the exact ideology that they and their savior Obama want to "change." The sickest thing about these people is that they vehemently root against this country while they arrogantly live in it. When things go bad for the country it benefits them and their desires for "change." They celebrate this economic crisis and use it as ammunition to fire at capitalism. They celebrate our struggles in Iraq and mock the efforts of our fine troops. They want us to fail so that in some sick way it proves that they and their twisted ideas are right. In my opinion their existence is appalling and simply treasonous. Let them get what they want, let them elect this second coming of Jesus, let them "change" this country, and let us watch America as we know it disappear. I can't wait for the great Socialist utopia of peace and justice. I can't wait for global peace as the Messiah talks every lunatic dictator off the ledge of genocide. Won't it be a wonderful world?

I'm Drew D. and that is the awful, scary, and sickening truth.

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