Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Underground Connection

Just how far out is Barack Obama? Oh not too far just take a look at some of his fine upstanding friends. I know I know liberals, he was just a young innocent lad roaming the country side when all this stuff was going down. Well he wasn't a young lad when Ayers started taking him under his wing and orchestrating his political career.

Obama has been groomed by the best mentors a good American could ask for. Like this great man, the extremely inspirational "pastor" Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This is a "church" that has a very interesting view of who deserves a lifetime achievement award. Now you tell me, does this man seem like a "centrist" to you? Or is that just the wool he's trying to pull over the eyes of the people, I choose to believe the latter.

I'm Drew D. and that is unfortunately the truth.

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