Friday, September 19, 2008

The Green Issue

Barry Obama is trying to convince us that he will create a utopia of energy independence within the next ten years. This is not only a completely unrealistic target, but without any clear strategy of how he would actually achieve this makes his assertion ridiculous.
When we have a speaker of the House that literally closes up shop in order to prevent a simple up or down vote I really don't see any advancement in sight. How immature do you have to be to shut off the lights, switch off the mics, and toss the press out just so you don't have to even HEAR what the other side has to say. That's like a two year old having a fit shaking their head wildly as they cover their ears and close their eyes because they can't have a candy bar. The Messiah feels that we can become energy independent with the following plan: Magic. A very intricate plan I know but innovative none the less.

What I think the liberals just don't understand is, well, the economy. While this doesn't come as a complete shock to most of us I feel I need to reiterate. Our economy literally runs on oil, without it we would fall faster than a rock in water. This aspect of the economy is simply not going to change over night. Do we need to continue exploring and developing alternative methods of energy? Without question, but that doesn't take away from the fact that we will still need oil. Plastic is used to produce virtually everything, we aren't all going to toss our cars that we haven't even paid off yet, and our houses won't miraculously start being ran on wind. Before everyone jumps on me for not "understanding" or considering the alternatives let me be clear. I am not saying that we shouldn't continue to develop wind, solar, and hybrid technologies. We should and need to do so, but it's just not economically or practically feasible yet.

Building hybrid cars is fine, but what about everything else? What about the trucks that keep our economy moving, what about the planes that get us around the world? For some reason I don't see us flying on a 747 that runs on vegetable oil any time soon. I don't see an eighteen wheeler cruising across the country pulling a 50,000 lb. load running on electricity. Is this a possibility in the future, perhaps, is it a possibility tomorrow? No. So until that day comes we NEED oil, and we need to get it by any means necessary.

The left needs to stop with this "environmental" verbal sewage and start seeing things for how they really are. This is no longer an "eco" issue, this is a security issue. Now the liberals will be the first to tell you that there is no oil worth drilling for in ANWAR. That is FALSE, an absolute fabrication by the green people. Talk to people in Gov. Palin's home state and see what they say, they say drill, and drill now. There is a reason for this ever growing sentiment. The reason is that there is OIL there, not a little, not a "negligible amount", A LOT. Enough oil to almost completely eliminate our dependence on foreign supply. Foreign oil that we should have dibs on anyway. For a group of people that is convinced that this war was over oil I'd like to ask where is it? Where are our American pumps on Iraqi wells? Why is a tank of gas requiring a federal loan? One of the reasons is that Obama and his cronies have successfully boxed out American oil companies from getting the contracts.

Iraq decided to start selling it to China because China isn't requiring them to install "hydrocarbon" laws before hand like we are. In my opinion we are OWED that oil, the least they could do for liberating them is pay us back with that billion dollar reservoir under their feet.
The Democratic strategy is to do nothing, do nothing and pray that tomorrow we will fly to Europe on a glider and use crops tilled by tractors that run on smiles and hugs. This is the dream to them but is a nightmare in reality. DRILL!!!!, has anyone seen the ANWAR region? When I first heard about ANWAR I pictured evergreens as far as the eye could see, running rivers with bears all around and eagles in the sky. When I actually saw it I thought I was looking at a frozen tundra, oh wait, I WAS looking at a frozen tundra. We could install an above ground pipeline and very strategic drilling points that wouldn't even disturb the precious caribou that the liberals cry about. In fact where there has been other above ground pipelines animal populations increased because they huddle next to it for the heat !! The AWAR region is about 90 million acres, we want to use about 2,000, you do the math.

The relation between domestic drilling and national security completely escapes the left. I speak with many of them, not totally by choice, and they seem to be lost on the idea. They feel that first, there is only a couple of gallons in ANWAR, and second that we would still go to war with other countries because we are just plain evil. They want the oil companies to start investing in alternative energy. Does that make any sense? Why would a company that sells PETROLEUM invest in the competition? That's like Delta Airlines buying Amtrack stock, or Burger King opening health food stores, apples and oranges. Just yet another example of the lefts gross misunderstanding of the economy. Without drilling our own oil, and continue being at the mercy of countries that hate us the drama will be ever increasing. Let's create our own oil infrastructure, let's keep the money from flowing to people who want to destroy us and let's announce our energy independence to the world.

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


Ricky Fargason said...

It's great to know there are still those in America who believe in and defend capitalism. I could not agree with you more. If Obama is elected for president, he along with the rest of the Pelosi/Socialist Party will cause this country to go into a deep Depression with tax hikes and run away spending on top of the debt we already have. I don't totally agree with McCain as I'm sure you don't either but he a whole lot better than tree-hugging, America-hating, race-baiting, pinko Marxist Obama. In Europe "greens" are called watermelons, Eco green on the outside, communist red on the inside. The wine sipping, latte-drinking liberals in Seattle will not stop until we trade China our SUVs for their bicycles. Their real goal is to destroy capitalism. Well, I will just have to cling to my Bible and guns. As Ted Nuggent says "There is always room for all of God's animals, right next to the mashed potatos."
God Bless America.

Drew D. said...
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Drew D. said...

Ricky, you are a great American. Please keep reading because the truth will keep on coming. I love your watermelon analogy by the way. I to am happy to see someone else that is standing up for capitalism.