Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rev. Gore

Has this guy just completely gone off the deep end or what? I really think he should have been evaluated after the 2000 election. If he was he would still be in a straight jacket today instead of running around trying to be important (or relevant) again. Here is an interesting piece about "global "warming" and it's architect.

This guy has transformed from a horribly mediocre politician to a horribly laughable Pastor of environmental nonsense and propaganda. You might have heard of his very insightful and very honest film "An Inconvenient Truth," how very moving. In fact he has taken pages out of Rev. Wrights play book in terms of anger and plain insanity. Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe this poor delusional man is right. Maybe we really do only have "ten years left to keep the world from scorching." I guess we should start the countdown.

I'm Drew D. and that's the "inconvenient" truth.

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