Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bourne Moron

The honorable Mr. Damon has decided to show the world his political savy. Not only is Mr. Damon incredibly articulate and intelligent but is also a medium into the future! He knows John Mccain will be dead by the end of his first term. If this guy can tell the future maybe he could tell me when his career will be over so nobody else has to be subjected to his stupidity. A bad Disney movie? I'll tell you what is a bad Disney movie; a radical leftist community agitator comes up in South Chicago under the guidance of Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, buys his way into the Senate where he sneaks through by voting present for 143 days and then manipulates the American people to become the leader of the free world. That is not only a bad Disney movie, it's a Shakespearean tragedy. How so non-elitist Matt Damon is with his down to earth take on the average town and average local official in America.
Maybe somebody should fax Gov. Palin's resume to Mr. Damon. If you didn't know Mr. Medium , Palin was a governor, not just a "mayor of a piss ant little town." Let's just say that she WAS only a mayor, that is still a whole heck of alot more executive experience than the great Messiah ever had. Not to mention the Great Damon's view on national security and how Obama will be such a tough match for Vladamir Putin. But wait, what am I saying? This is a very smart man we are talking about, I mean he participated in a highly intricate robbery of a Vegas casino, he is a child genius from Boston, and is an exceptional poker player. Oh wait, those were just movies. Well I mean you have to be pretty smart to remember all those lines right? You can't possibly question Jason Bourne when it comes to national security can you?

I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


Ricky Fargason, CKD, CBD said...

Don't forget the influential poet Obama calls "Frank" in his book who he knew when he was growing up in Hawaii who we now know was a member of the Communist Party of America. He taught him to never completely trust "white people" when he went to college. If people only knew who this guy really is and the people who help form his ideas they would... well, they probably vote for the socialist thug anyway!!
As for "The Bourne Moron", he just thinks because he's an actor he is now a political genius. These ungrateful spoiled actors and singers in Hollywood are out of touch with the real world. After all, they are just "actors" on a make believe stage. They don't know how good they have it here. We should deport them all to Venezuela with their Commie buddy Chavez. The Citgo gas stations in my area have all changed their brands in response to him. I answer their patriotism with my business.

Drew D. said...
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Drew D. said...

Drew D. said...
What is sad is that Obama has been groomed by these kind of people his whole life. From "Frank", to Bill Ayers, to Jeremiah Wright. He never stood a chance even if he WANTED to see the light, which I'm sure he didn't.

Normally I wouldn't even care what these self-righteous, pompus jokers have to say in Hollywood.
It's just that people actually listen to these fools, they really believe they are on some "higher plain" than the rest of us simpletons.

Your absolutely right, I have been saying the same thing for a long time. We should not only deport the Hollywood elite, but the entire American Socialist party. Only then would they MAYBE start to appreciate what they have right in front of them.

Thanks for posting.