Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barack That Vote Kids!!!

Every year this great little organization and others of similar ilk scamper around promoting "voter advocacy." In other words it's the biggest crock going. As I'm sure this does not come as news to many of you it is extraordinarily shameful this year. All I see is these poor folk suffering from the most severe cases of liberalism ever recorded trying to con votes out of young people. Their practices during this election cycle are absolutely shameful. If only they had any shame to begin with.
All I hear is them hooting and hollering; "Get Out and Vote"! "Stand up and be Heard"!! "Get out and Register"! "Let them hear your voice"! Again I say, WHAT A CROCK. What they are really saying is, "Get out and Vote (Democrat)"! "Stand Up and Join the Fight of Communism"! "Get Out and Register (Democrat)"! "Let them hear how you are liberal"!! The hypocrisy is that while saying they want kids to voice their choice and register, they only want them to do so if it's the liberal voice and a Democratic registration. These people aren't calling for the youth of America to think for themselves and vote accordingly. They are calling for the youth of America to blindly follow the liberal lie and the 2nd grade graduate rappers that litter MTV.
The whole thing is disgusting and insulting to the youth of America. The saddest part about it is that all too many young people are too stupid to see it. They really believe this garbage that is fed to them through "music television." I really think they believe that Queen Latifah and Kanye West (all very highly intellectual people) know what their talking about. "Barack the Vote" does not call for kids to research the issues, gather the facts, and make informed political decisions. If kids actually did that they might actually vote dare I say, Republican! God Forbid! Even if they brush on the theory that the youth should get informed they disguise that sentiment with endless propaganda about the "issues".
I had the great pleasure of attending a great Communist training camp called a college in NE New England during the 2004 election. There I heard much of those "Let your Voice be Heard" slogans. So I took what they said to heart, I studied the issues and developed my opinion, my "voice." I did want to register, I wanted to register Republican. I did want to be heard, I wanted the nation to hear I wanted George W. Bush. I wanted to Rock the Vote!!! But for some reason I wasn't met with the same enthusiasm as I did when they first approached me. Why not? I thought I was supposed to voice my opinion? I thought that I was supposed to do my part? Ohhhhhhhhh, I see, only if I vote the way YOU want me to. I remember the day of the election they were rounding up us kids and piling them in vans to go "rock the vote." So I wandered up to the vans that were for some reason covered in Kerry signs and asked what are you doing? They said "we are bringing people down to vote their voice, do you want to go!" I said "sure, that would be great!" Then a girl said to me, "isn't it great that we are all together and doing our part to elect John Kerry?" I said, "well it is great, but I am not voting for John Kerry." She was appalled, she was ANGRY, she said, "WHAT?" "Oh my god." I replied "well I thought we were all supposed to have our own voice." Next thing I know, there "isn't enough room" in the vans any more for me or my voice. So then I realized what they were really saying to me that whole time. "Vote!", "Be Heard!", "Do your part!", but only if your going to vote liberal. If your not then just shut up and stay home. How very "Democratic" of them.
I'm Drew D. and that's the truth.


Joe Ramen said...

You discovered at a young age that "liberal tolerance" is an oxymoron.

Drew D. said...

Yes Joe, they are very tolerant people, very open minded to all thoughts and view points. Just as long as those views are their own. That's the definition of tolerance right?